I just wanted to pass on that the team made it to Cap yesterday and are safe and sound. Jen called me via international cel and gave me a rundown of the first day. After taking a small aircraft from Ft. Lauderdale, they made it into the town and checked into the hotel Montjole’. Today they trekked to the remote town of Pillette to the new clinic. According to Jen, she and Dr. Matt Greene both saw “about 40 patients.” In fact, she told me that she saw her first case of the mumps in her career.

I don’t want to steal her story, as they are going to send me pics and a write-up tomorrow, but she said that Pillette was very, very remote. The bus they were taking got stuck, and they had to drag their equipment and medicine “for miles,” even crossing “three raging rivers.” They were escorted by anyone who saw them … men with machetes cutting the path in front of them and children following and laughing. She said that the area was full of wild horses and donkeys.

The team is back from the remote area and safe and sound at the hotel as I type this.

– Andy