Thank you for stopping by. We are Jennifer and Andrew Schmidt. In 2008, we helped to build a small health center in the Prolonge’ area of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, with Miami-based Food for the Poor. The earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12, 2010, has caused an influx of thousands of injured and homeless refugees to the area. Jen is taking a Medical Team there on Feb. 14-22, 2010. This blog is at attempt to document their experiences and travels.

During Jennifer’s trip, they will be visiting an area called Pillette, where there is an empty clinic building waiting to be utilized. She and her friend Mary Lou Larken, CPNP, hope to open a new medical clinic there. Mary Lou and her husband Tom already run a clinic in northern Haiti and have a non-profit called Haiti Mary Care.

Times are tough all around, but if you are interested in helping this effort, tax-deductable donations can be sent to the following:

The new clinic at Pillette, Haiti:
Haiti Mary Care
55 King Street
Danbury, CT 06811

Donations to Saint Anthony’s clinic can be sent to the following:

Food for the Poor, attn: Bambi Ziadie
6401 Lyons Rd.
Coconut Creek, Fla. 33073
Make checks out to “Food for the Poor,” and please write “Saint Anthony’s Clinic at Prolonge, source code: 61964” on the memo line.

Again, we know that times are tough everywhere … we only provide this information in the case that someone wants to contribute.

Please take care – Andy and Jen


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