2008 Visit

I want to very clear that Saint Anthony’s is not our clinic. Rather, it is a facility that we have worked with a handful of others to build, with everyone playing crucial roles. Without any of the following, there would be no Saint Anthony’s:

  • Bonnie and Mike DelBalzo — When Jen decided that she wanted to build Saint Anthony’s, she didn’t really know where to start. She simply had a dream and a small amount of seed money. After putting out the word to the members of Church of the Nativity of Burke, Va., our parish priest, Father Richard Martin, Food for the Poor and Operation Starfish, she was contacted by Bonnie and Mike, members of St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Inwood, W.Va. They generously donated the money to build the building itself, and Bonnie traveled to see it dedicated in 2008. Without Bonnie and Mike, there would simply be no Saint Anthony’s, as it allowed for Jen and I to use our funds to start up an operational budget.
  • Father Duken Augustin — Father Duken is the parish priest in the area of Saint Anthony’s. Father Duken is involved in countless community activities, going above and beyond the role of even the most hardworking men of God. Without his blessing, none of this would be possible. He was vital in building the Nativity III Village in the first place, and he unfortunately has had to deal with the aftermath of countless disasters in the community, including the terrible floods of 2009. Our parish priest Father Richard Martin calls Father Duken his hero, and that says it all.
  • Our good friends with Food for the Poor — Jim McDaniel (fellow Nativity parishoner), Delane Bailey-Herd, and Bambi Ziadie allowed for Jen’s dream to come true, as Food for the Poor handles the day-to-day management of the facility and the associated annuity. This allows for all donations to be tax-free. They have always been there for us at a moment’s notice, smoothing out the many bumps in the road that we have had.
  • Dr. Maklin Eugene — Dr. Eugene works at Saint Anthony’s clinic one day a week seeing patients. He is our man on the ground. He is a good man and a great friend, and we are blessed to know him.
Dr. Maklin Eugene

Jennifer Schmidt with Dr. Maklin Eugene. Bonnie DelBalzo can be seen on the right.


This is a video of the truck ride into the village, Nativity Village 2. It was amazing to see the children running after the truck. They put a beautiful banner welcoming her to the village.

Jen entered Prolonge and saw a sign put up for her. A place of hope, but look at the dog. It’s a tough place to find calories.
This was another part of Jen’s October 2008 journey to our clinic in Prolonge, Haiti. This is a great clip for showing the look and feel of the streets there …