Thank you for stopping by. We are Jennifer and Andrew Schmidt. In 2008, we helped to build a small health center in the Pro Longe’ area of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, with Miami-based Food for the Poor. The clinic now has a doctor staffed there one day a week and a nurse and medical technician who are there throughout the week. Jennifer takes a team of medical professionals there once a year (usually in February).

The clinic has been a success. However, the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince earlier this month has changed everything. Refugees are migrating toward the north coast and into Saint Anthony’s Clinic at a steady rate. On Feb. 14, Jen is taking a team of six-person medical team composed of doctors, nurse pracitioners, and nurses to Cap-Haitien to work at Saint Anthony’s and other clinics in the north. This blog will attempt to document their experiences and travels.

Much, much more to follow. In the meantime, I will post our newsletter, which we sent to friends and family in May 2009.